Site by The Spectrum Group Online was designed using the most current website design techniques by The Spectrum Group Online, LLC on WordPress.

The Design Process

Creating a website is both an art and science. Especially in the case of a non-profit’s web presence, it should be aesthetically pleasing but also be practical. That’s why we  began with a comprehensive design brief in order to capture important information — functionality, content and unique brand characteristics. Our goal was to create a site that reflects Deborah’s Palm unique mission, one that would attract women to gather and connect. We want to acknowledge Jerry Bates, the site’s designer and developer. We believe he created an elegant and beautiful design.

Why WordPress? is an example of a customized WordPress installation. WordPress is a Content Management System that serves as this website’s platform. Started in 2003, it supports over 70 million websites around the world. Its popularity continues to grow (and is used by many Fortune 500 companies) because it’s open source. Open source means that its code is free. WordPress has a rich and varied community that has developed around it. For businesses, it means that you get a stable yet flexible foundation to build a website. The only limitation is one’s imagination.

Free 30-minute Consultation

Having online marketing challenges? We provide a 30-minute consultation dedicated to reviewing your website and offering expert advice. This is a no-obligation offer, one that provides useful input that you can put immediately to use. The Spectrum Group Online also provides a free SEO report which compares your site to your competition as well as other strategic insights.