Life Lessons


First Friday of the Month:

Life Lessons at Deborah’s Palm is a discussion group that meets the first Friday of every month at noon.  It is led by Gail Grant.  We explore topics nominated by the participants, using material from the Internet and other sources to launch discussions and help bring understanding and insight into the topics we cover.  Past topics have included Acceptance, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Letting Go, and review of  new books on interesting topics.  To see all the handouts from past sessions, click here.

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CURRENT TOPIC: The Forgiveness Series 

What’s it all about? Check out the Forgiveness Packet used as a guide.


Each time we don’t forgive ourselves or
others is like a stone upon our heart.
~ Gail Grant

Research has shown that those who more readily forgive are happier and healthier.  Forgiving does NOT mean forgetting and is separate from reconciliation but it does mean letting go of the ability of that event to have power over you. This series will explore many aspects of forgiveness, using articles from the Internet, selections from books, and our own experiences.  The current sections are:
  • why forgive?
  • forgiveness of others,
  • asking for forgiveness,
  • forgiveness of self,
  • our forgiveness patterns.

Although the topic is continuing over several months, each session is structured to make it possible to attend just one or all of the sessions.

Third Friday of the Month:

Life Lessons Extra Sessions on Forgiveness
Join us to further the discussion on forgiveness.
12PM – 1:30PM
Held in the House

Hope to see you soon!

Blessings, Gail Grant