Let’s All Go Back to School

PencilsSchool is starting. I can almost smell the freshly sharpened pencils.

I love the sense of new beginnings. It is a new year, with a new opportunity to be the best I can be.

I love the back-to-school sales. I stock up on spiral notebooks, bound composition books, and soft-grip, free-flowing gel pens.

I love that school isn’t just for youngsters. Eight years ago, I celebrated one of those round-numbered birthdays by going back to school. I signed up for a Creative Writing – Poetry class and a Life-time Fitness class at my local community college.

Yes, I was the oldest person in the classroom, even older than the professor. But I was there to improve my poetry, and my years of experience gave me that much more to write about. I crafted some of the best poetry of my life, and made friendships that continue to this day.

Creative writing was so much fun that I followed it with courses in radio. I even chose an on-air persona and served as an apprentice DJ at the on-campus public radio station. (“For KFJC, I’m Sophia Sage.”)

I followed with courses in Self-Assessment and Career Exploration and Coach training.

Now, in that funny way life has of coming full circle, I find myself as the teacher. Now I’m in position to guide others to become all they can be.

How about you? Are you feeling the urge to learn something new? Want to make the most of this stage of your life?

Explore the options at Deborah’s Palm on Saturday, August 17 at the Fall Kick-Off and Open House, 10am to 2pm. Meet the teachers and ask questions.

Learn French, practice Spanish, set goals, lean in, manage your stress, find a job, assert yourself, accept your imperfections, learn your personality type, write your narrative, uncover your calling. It is all at Deborah’s Palm.

We have a feast of learning opportunities. Come and savor!

© 2013 Marcia Davis-Cannon

Marcia leads Uncover Your Calling and Uncover Your Narrative groups at Deborah’s Palm, and will speak at Deborah’s Palm Fall Kick-Off and Open House, Saturday, August 17, at 1:30pm.

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Marcia is a career transition coach leading “Uncover Your Calling”, “Uncover Your Narrative” and “Uncover Your LifeStory”’ at Deborah’s Palm. Her hobbies include public speaking, ballroom and contra dancing, writing poetry, and watching live theater.

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