Let the Transformation Begin…

Removing Wallpaper“What kind of shows do you like to watch?” Susan asked when we sat down in the lovely gardens at Deborah’s Palm to get acquainted.

“I like stories of transformation,” I responded.

I’m fortunate that I get to see stories of transformation offstage as well–in my Uncover Your Calling and Uncover Your Narrative participants, in myself, and lately, even in my house.

When I moved into my house, it was a shrine to the taste in wallpaper of the previous owners. The wallpaper featured clocks in one room, orange geometric shapes in another, flags and stars, hummingbirds, cabbage roses and fleur de lis.

Over the years, one room at a time, I stripped the wallpaper and covered the walls in more soothing ways. But the entrance/stairway space had me stumped. How could anyone get to the top of a two-story wall over the stairway, with no flat space for a ladder?

Last month, I found a handyman with the answer to this challenge. I found a paint color I liked, “Basketry,” and the project began.

Working together, we stripped all the fleur di lis wallpaper from all the walls in the entrance, dining room, stairway and landing. His ladder extension allowed us to put one leg of the ladder on one step, and the longer leg on the step below, so we could reach the highest point of the wall.

We stripped wallpaper, washed, repaired, prepped and finally started painting. But by Thursday, when I started a brand new Uncover Your Calling group at my house, the project was only half done. The downstairs had paint but no trim. The stairway and landing were stripped and washed but not painted. The curtains and pictures were down, the face plates off the electrical switches.

The house looked raw and unfinished. It was not the polished professional look I wanted to present to my clients, especially a new group. I felt stressed. I shared my consternation with Katie, Executive Director at Deborah’s Palm. She sent me this email:

As I was falling asleep last night, I mused about how your entryway remodel is such a picture of what you do here (and could apply to your new Uncover Your Calling students…):

That is, the entryway is symbolic of what is “frontal” for us — it is what people see first.

The older wallpaper is what someone ELSE thought was right, beautiful and fine — and just doesn’t fit us anymore…a change is wanted and needed…

The job is tough, so we ask for help and call in someone who knows what they are doing…

Then, it is HARD work, shedding, stripping away the old… it might be many layers of old stuff…we may not be able to reach spots, so we ask someone who knows what to do (arranging the ladders to reach the high spots).

Then YOU choose what comes next — what color (is your parachute??) and choose and plan.

Now when people see it, it more accurately reflects you and your goals, direction and picture of beauty.

I just love that picture.

I love that picture, too.  I sent an email to the group beginning that Thursday:

The house where we are meeting is in the midst of a painting project.  The completion time has slipped and it will not be done before our meeting this afternoon.  Please come with grace for a work-in progress.  The house is going through a transformation just as you and I are.

They came, they had grace, and they began their own process of transformation.

Are you ready for a change? What is it that you’d like to strip out of your life? Where are you stuck in old patterns but longing for new, fresh approach?  Come join me in the process of transformation!


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