Mentoring & Counseling

Mentoring or Counseling? Which is right for you?

  Mentoring Counseling
Client Presentation Client may have an idea of their goals and what kind of support they   require. Client wants someone to help them “think through” a   problem. Client is experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety relating to life transitions and/or relationships.
Approach Mentors focus on goal setting, outcome,  creation and change. Counselors focus on overall physical and mental wellness.
Foci Mentors focus on supporting the client to develop strategies for  working through specific changes at work or at home. Counselors work with the client to   develop tools for shifting negative thoughts and emotions, and  self-sabotaging behaviors.
Conversations Discussions with mentors are forward moving and future focused. Discussions with counselors may address the client’s past relationships, family dynamics, and past significant moments or traumas.
Length of Relationship Relationships with mentors tend to be short term until a specific problem is resolved. Relationships with counselors may be short or long term, given the client’s need and readiness for change.
Cost $35/hour Sliding-scale fee structure based on income.


Megan Lait, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker):

Affordable Individual Counseling/Sliding Scale

If you think you could benefit from psychotherapy, but have no insurance and must pay out-of-pocket, this may be the program for you. Individual counseling is based on a sliding-scale fee, depending on your income and finances. Call and sign up for a free phone consultation to see if this is the right program for you. Information is kept confidential. Call us at: 650/473-0664. This program at Deborah’s Palm is facilitated by Megan Lait, LCSW

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Nina Homnack/ Mentoring Program Manager

Mentoring is a wonderful way to receive consistent, one-on-one support by one of our dedicated and trained Mentors. You can request weekly appointments and work on issues that concern you the most. If you would like to be mentored, or become a Mentor, please contact Deborah’s Palm at 650/473-0664. We’ll add you to our contact list and our Mentoring Program Manager, Nina Homnack, will contact you directly.