Mentoring Services

“Nina is my mentor and I cannot truly express the depth of my gratitude for her presence in my life.  I came to Nina at a time in my life where too much of the stresses and trials of real life adulthood hit me all at once.  When I first saw her, I was a complete basket case.  I was so cocooned in my own world of problems, that I can safely say I shave off a few good decades of my life.  She helped me to triage my issues and slowly began to offer some emotional tools for dealing with the toxic contents of my headspace. Nina was able to smartly gauge where I was and what my temperament is, readily and most importantly, without judging me.  She walks a fine line of toughness and empathy. Most impressive was her innate ability to appropriately apply one or the other to me when necessary.  I may not have always liked what she said but I realized there was always value in her words.  She not only offered much needed compassion, but showed me unbiased support.  It did not take long for me to feel that my weekly hour with her was a safe space to brain dump and problem solve.  I clearly needed to take the air out of the problems swelling in my mind, but I needed more than a place to vent.  I needed to learn some essential tools to manage that very painful phase of my life.  She was able to bring a perspective of normalcy to the table (thank you for not thinking I was crazy, and even if you did, you didn’t show it).  Perspective, it’s a very powerful thing, without it we are so vulnerable.  I lost mine for awhile and she was my compass until I learned to navigate better myself.  My situation hasn’t changed much since I first saw her, but I cope infinitely better these days.  The ability to feel normal and keep perspective has made room to be reflective and gain insights that are hard to come by when one lives constantly under a black cloud.  This is a gift from Nina that I have not experience with any other therapist/counseling professional.  Nina is especially well suited to be a mentor and anyone would be lucky to be her mentee.  She is not about lip service, but truly offering her experience, knowledge, and compassion to help you overcome your issues.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have her guidance and it has been one of my most meaningful and gratifying relationships. Her generosity of spirit is uniquely one of a kind.”


Special Events

“I want to express my sincere thanks for a marvelous Career Development Fair last Saturday. I appreciated learning and listening to the speakers and seeing the various resources at your center. It provided hope to those out of work and gave support and identified some action for us to move closer to our goals. Thank you to your whole team!”

“Thank you for a wonderful and informative Divorce Strategy Seminar. The quality of your speakers was incredible, and the information I received eased my fears and armed me with an idea of how to proceed. Your center is a gift to the community. I will be back for more & might even join a class!”