Our Vision

Deborah’s Palm is a place for women to gather, receive encouragement, support and information. Located in downtown Palo Alto, we serve all women on the Peninsula regardless of age, religion, ethnic or socioeconomic background. We strive to create an environment where women’s voices are heard and their lives honored and affirmed. In an age where we are moving so fast and doing too much… it often leaves us feeling stressed and isolated. Come join us, as we build friendships and community… the “old-fashioned” way…face to face.

A Note from Katie, Founder, Executive Director and Chairperson of the Board…

I often get asked the question: “What do women in Palo Alto need?” I think this is an odd and short-sighted question, but one I am happy to answer. This question is based on two assumptions: That women in Palo Alto are wealthy, and that if you had money, what else would you possibly need?

First of all, it has not been my experience nor observation that all women in Palo Alto have alot of money. While there are many who do, the fact that one may have a high amount in her bank account does not equal happiness, peace or well-being. In fact, it may actually exacerbate problems in a woman’s life.

We live in a very unique area: the Silicon Valley is filled with gifted, intelligent, creative minds, where intelligence, independence and know-how are highly regarded. We have app’s for everything, yet all that technology can be isolating. Expectations for ourselves and others can be demanding. And life can be difficult, expensive and challenging. Sometimes you can feel you don’t measure up.

We are here to meet the needs of all women throughout her entire life span. We all go through these times of feeling alone — like we are the only ones experiencing a loss, a trauma, an end of a relationship, a difficult health diagnosis, a broken heart. But you are not alone. We are here to help; both by having trod in many of these areas ourselves, but also we are armed with resources and ideas to assist you and help you to realize you are not alone.

Sometimes it helps just being with others. Sometimes you need to look at all that you do have and the beauty that is in you. Sometimes you can come and laugh. Sometimes you can come in and share. Sometimes you need silence.

There isn’t an app for a hug, a smile or a warm cup of tea. We are here for you.


Photo Credit: Viktoria Vidali